Why you should bother learning C#

Why you should bother learning C#

If you are an IT guy like me, I would higly recommend learning a programming language.

A programming language like C# is a great way to start, and you can find tons of tutorials online.

Me myself will recommend pluralsight, for great teachers.

Why learn C#

C sharp is getting more and more popular.
Before C# targeted mostly Windows platforms, but now you can do almost anything with C#

An example of that is that Microsoft have now teamed up with Xamarin, and that means you can develop mobile platform apps with C#

So how do I  start? 

A great way to start, is by dowloading Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition.
Download link below.
Visual Studio Community Edition

Go ahead and install Visual Studio Community Edition, you can read more about the edition version on the read more link.

Visual Studio Community Edition is a free version for individual developers, open source projets, academic research, eduacation and small professional team.

Free is always good right?
me myself think that this is just great, and since Microsoft teamed up with Xamarin, they have then now included the Xamarin feature in the Community Edition.

C# / Powershell

You can do everything with C# that you can do with Powershell and much more!

Yes, I know that powershell is an scripting language for IT professionals like you and me, and that’s great.
But what if you can also achieve the skillset of a programmer and combine these two things.

Ofcourse you guys are with me on that one.
I use C# to develop easy desktop apps, for my IT guys and also the users.
A quick example of this.



This is a tool that I’am currently working on.
What this can do is the following.

  • Getting statistics as resource data from Hyper-V servers.
  • Unlocking AD users with the click of a button.
  • Opening up our Remote Assistance tool.
  • WMI Query, getting information from remote computers.
  • Open our Intranet.

This is just the beginning of what the application can do, and we can always expand upon this.

So now that I got your attention, please follow more blogpostes teaching you about C# and IT stuff!